The Trojan Hoax Herring

A cut through the BS with some actual facts.

The Trojan horse affair did not start with the Trojan horse letter. I’m not talking about the claims that this was reported 4 years ago by a group of head teachers, or 20 years ago by concerned governors. Actually just a few days before the letter came to the media Spotlight, Michael White, ex-teacher at Parkview, raised concerns. The head-teacher of Golden Hillock school announced in a briefing that this was no more than a disgruntled ex member of staff and that Parkview had nothing to hide. He invited staff members to visit Parkview or talk to him about his previous school, as he was proud of it and knew it was an outstanding school. This article was published on 24th February. This one was published on 23rd February.

The first article about the Trojan Horse letter came out on 2nd March.

The letter had obviously been in police hands before that but the chronology of press and public awareness here is important. When the Michael White accusations hit the Parkview academies they were dismissed.

In the meantime… While initially senior staff at Golden Hillock were very supportive and defensive of Parkview the tone quickly changed. A senior staff member stated “they have done this to themselves.” What exactly had they done to themselves and why the sudden need to disassociate themselves from their sponsor school?

Initially the accusations by Michael White revolved around ParkView, and Golden Hillock went unnoticed. However, as their proud school sign and website clearly states ‘A Park View Academy’, it would only be a matter of time after Michael White spoke out before the two would be linked, and they were.

On 13th March several teachers were arrested for extreme pornography possession. Reporters and the public were now Googling Golden Hillock School and seeing the sign and putting it all together, connecting the schools.

Now, admittedly this happened after the letter was released, but they (whoever they are) must have known it was only a matter of time before the schools were connected in the press and the eyes of the general public.

There are various speculations over who actually authorised the Trojan horse letter, here are 3 popular choices:

    Tahir Alam, or an associate of his, and therefore the letter is what it says it is, a plot to take over schools and impose Islamic ideals.

    The EDL or BMP or UKIP trying to stir up anti-Islamic feeling in order to gain votes / membership / support.

    The head-teachers, or other staff, that had been sidelined or bullied out, and were trying to raise awareness of what was going on because no one had listened when they went through the correct processes.

    Any could be true and it may be that we will never know the answer…but there are other possibilities.

    “Spread … false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such – so the accuser will forever be treated with suspicion.” The New Machiavelli by Lord McAlpine.

    Sometimes, as Edgar Allan Poe mused in “The Purloined Letter,” a secret hides in plain sight. This is the story of how a letter which contained damning information was hidden from the police in plain sight, right under their noses, because the author knew the police would look for it in concealed places and not notice it if it was right there in plain sight.

    When Michael White spoke out, they (whoever it was who was instigating the staff bullying etc… at these schools) must have known there were others that would speak out soon after. They had to do something, and as Tahir Alam likes to unendingly repeat – the letter has been revealed as a hoax, and it is unsigned (he usually likes to add the word anonymous although that’s obvious by the stressing of the unsigned) and undated. He keeps saying this and so do the senior teachers at the Trojan horse schools. In fact they have drawn so much attention to this letter that the fact that the letter is not what started this investigation has been overlooked, forgotten, and ignored. Job done. It may be a hoax, but it’s definitely keeping everyone’s eyes off the truth, whatever that may be, and so it is most certainly a red herring.

    “Every one sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are, and those few dare not oppose themselves to the opinion of the many, who have the majesty of the state to defend them.” Niccolò Machiavelli